Pandharpur Vari

The Pandharpur wari is a 21-day pilgrimage procession from various parts of Maharashtra to Pandharpur, the abode of Lord Vitthal. While the wari culminates on Ashadi Ekadashi, the revelry continues on till Guru Purnima. Attracting lakhs of devotees each year, we give an overview of this 800-year-old tradition. Palanquins (palkhis) venerating Sant Dnyaneshwar and Tukaram are carried from Alandi and Dehu by the warkaris, who cover 250 km by foot, over a 21-day journey.

VARI means regular visiting of particular (religious) place. Vari of Pandharpur means to walk from one’s own house to Pandharpur for Lord and return back to house. The person who goes on this type of vari pilgrimage of pilgrim Pandharpur is called a Varkari (the follower of the pilgrimage). The Varkari goes on this vari for several times in a year Varkari follows particular spiritual and moral code of conduct which is way of a life for him. He remains satisfied in whatever life condition he is in believing that the Lord has chosen that for him. He keeps his low level of consumption believing that Lord is taking care of him. He rather looks after others who are really needy in terms of food, shelter, thirst and cloths believing that he is serving Lord’s purpose.

This gallery is of pictures taken 2 years ago in 2019.

It’s second year of Covid-19 pandemic and there will be no ashadi wari or pilgrimage to Pandharpur, but to keep up with the age-old tradition the state government has worked out a compromise to ferry the ‘padukas’ by road or air to the temple. Lets hope that Lord Vitthal showers his blessing and rids us of this sickness.

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