5 simple things to do, for minimizing the litter around you.

First and foremost … Don’t litter!  It’s actually easy, said and done.stock-vector-throwing-away-im-from-possible-business-success-concept-inspired-by-no-littering-sign-232341628

Yes, the Indian government and our PM had a big drive called ‘Swachh Bharat’ (Clean India). Well my post has nothing to do with that. I’m just tired of seeing all the litter around in the city. So here are the few things that I started to practice myself and I decided to write about.

  1. Use the bins. If you don’t have any bins around, keep your wrappers/waste with you until you findownloadd a bin and then throw it away.
  2. Carry a Re-useable bag with you when you go shopping. Malls and stores charge for the bags, for a reason; guess why? Don’t buy them.
  3. When you have cold drinks, opt for glass bottles and not the plastic ones. If you want a carry pack, buy the biggest option possible. Avoid purchasing number of small bottles, this will also save you some money.
  4. If you smoke, I’m not preaching you to stop. Just mind your butts. imagesThrowing the cigarettes buds all around is also littering.
  5. Next time you spot anyone littering, call them out and loud “Aye kachrawala”.

Share this message to everyone and every where possible. Clean is good, so you should 🙂


Please feel free to suggest your thoughts and inputs. Anything different that you do, for this cause.

Images courtesy Google.

One thought on “5 simple things to do, for minimizing the litter around you.

  1. You’re right. No matter how much we progress technologically and in other fields, if we can’t stop treating our cities like garbage bins there is no point of these so called ‘abhiyans’.
    As I once read “What’s the point of your education if you still throw garbage on the streets to be ultimately picked up by an uneducated person?”


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