Meat for thought…..Open letter to the vegetarians….


The Vegetarian people, all those who keep posting/requesting everyone non-vegetarians to turn to vegetarianism.

Humans are born omnivorous, capable of consuming a wide variety of plant and animal material. That’s why we have the canines. The long pointed teeth in our set of 32.  Early Neanderthals were strictly carnivorous and later discovered their veggies.  You can read a very interesting article on National Geographic on What Discovery of Oldest Human Poop Reveals About Neanderthals’ Diet‘.  Yes, they left some proof in their poopOur diet has evolved over the ages as we continued to domesticate ourselves and with the important discovery of agriculture. It is all part of our evolution and is natural.

I’m sure most of the educated peeps would know that the plants; the so called veggies, have life too. In fact they are the most critical part of our life-cycle. Humans can survive without the animals but the cannot survive without the plants and trees.  It’s because of them we exist. And the animals are just a part of the food chain, where we humans sit on the top most level.

It’s not that the non-vegetarians are eagerly waiting to hunt every poor animal that exists and make delicious food out of them. No! we don’t do that. There are few selected animals which are bred specifically for food, it’s like animal farming. It’s a pretty big industry in it’s own.

So please stop asking people to turn vegetarians. In fact you should study some ancient history and school science, on how our food has evolved.  Perhaps, it might lead to your revival towards the red dot.

So live, let live and let eat (whatever they want).

Yours meatfully,

CN 😉

6 thoughts on “Meat for thought…..Open letter to the vegetarians….

  1. Good read!

    If plants also have life, then eating them would be same as eating non-veg since we are killing them, ain’t we?


  2. l loved this. The vegetarians are really looking down their noses at the non-vegetarians.. but, shouldn’t what you eat be a personal choice? To add to that, some celebrities have turned vegetarians and have added to the publicity. Live and let live!


    1. Indeed, eat and let eat. Eat what you like. Stop promoting the vegetarianism. Stop posting picture of dead animals on food platter and portray that those who eat commit a heinous crime. We’ve killing of innocent human being to worry about.


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