Question to the creator

I managed to read many posts on the topic ‘Is religion over-rated’ from many intellectual and beautiful bloggers on Indispire. They’ve penned every thought that I could think of, and that too very realistically.  So my take on this topic is an old poem, which I wrote back in college days.


Mr. God
Can you hear me?
I am talking to you
Down on my knees

Mr. God
I got a question for you
Asked lot many men
But no one had any clue

Mr. God
They say you created everything
Please answer these questions
And your song I’ll sing.

What is our purpose?
Why do we exist?
Enlighten me!
And clear the mist.

Why are we born?
Why do we die?
And between life and death
What is your buy?

You are omnipresent,
You are unseen,
An folded mystery!
What does this mean?

They worship you in stones,
They worship you in air,
You are being worshiped in every form,
Being worshiped everywhere.

They say; you can turn good,
What is bad?
You can bring happiness,
To the sad!

So; Mr. God
Grant me happiness,
Enlighten my soul,
Answer my question,
To the whole(st)

As young ones, we are taught,
How to walk, how to hold
We simply believe everything,
That is told.

Your stories were passed through,
Generation, from one to another
Validating the facts,
Nobody did bother.

I have no delusion,
And I am certainly not insane.
These are my views,
and only I to be blamed.



8 thoughts on “Question to the creator

  1. Touching poem, Fahim.
    We have all asked many such questions to God…
    Nice to share & read everyone’s views for this relevant IndiSpire topic you posted 🙂


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