To write or not to write?

I’m sure Mr. Shakespeare never had this irksome dilemma on whether to write or not. None, that I’m aware of, it’s purely my invented hypothesis. I couldn’t possibly have known him, never read any of his work or Stories. No! Not watched any documentary on him. It’s just that every-damn-body calls-out his name when it comes to writing. He surely must’ve had unending visions of ‘what to write’ and never fell ‘short of words’. Needless to say that, he did a great job all his life; and his work, hopefully will be remembered for at least a century or two.

But for me, the extremely privileged creative who has to multi-task all the time between what they do and what they love to do (Alright alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit); writing is not at all easy.


I’m not devoted blogger, and writing is a far-fetched dream; but yet I’ve a blog. Here, I mostly share the awesome pictures I click. Sometimes, I share my simple, yet meaningful poems. Yeah, I do write some respectable poetry. At least, I feel I do. I keep recording these simple one-liners on my phone, about the ideas and stories I want to write about. Hoping it would serve as a start to an attractive story or an article. So many intuitive thoughts, wild ideas and burly stories to share, but sluggishly they only occupy space, as notes in my phone.

Every time, when I scan through the notes; my mind is occupied with many startling questions. What is that stops me from building on these ideas? Will I not be able to write something worthwhile? Do, my writing skills suck? There are so many excellent writers and remarkable bloggers, who write about everything that’s out there; so, who’d read my post? Why would they read my posts? Okay, the fourth point about the writers/bloggers is undeniably true and perturbing. This would fuel discouragement, as I continue to dwell in my qualms.

So, the question still remains, to write or not to………03_12_ChaiTime_Yes

What is your take on this? Have you faced a similar dilemma? Please share your views/stories; I’d love to read them and learn from them.

A confused wannabe writer

6 thoughts on “To write or not to write?

  1. I was facing the dilemma whether to post my contest post before contest deadline 🙂
    Then, I just posted & now hope all is fine 🙂


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