Pregnant Sphere

It’s a new day with beautiful sunshine,
I look at her and wonder why she is glowing.
Is it the usual sun or we have?
Some story flowing.

She’s wearing a lovely dress,
With textures of green and white.
Combined with layers of blue,
Makes an amazing sight.

Rockys, Andes, Himalayas and more,
Pacific, arctic, Indian and lots other shore.
Spread all over the dress
And embodied into her soul.

She mothers all that glitter and the gold,
She mothers all the minerals and the ores,
She mothers all the continents and the nations,
She mothers the life and the evolution.

Now, she is pregnant again,
And we have fathered the cause.
Unknowingly though,
But our existence could be the loss.

Our industries are rapidly clearing the sheen,
And our beloved sun is also melting the ice cream.
Giving birth to nightmare, which is a global dream,
Our sphere is pregnant with danger foreseen.

It’s still in our hand,
If we can understand nature’s little warning.
We all need to join hands,
To abort the child so called global warming.

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