And afterwards…


It’s been days, since we’ve spoken
Not even exchanged a message,
Perhaps I’m the reason for this,
Cause for this distance and rage

I thought I’d go away and it’d be easy,
Doing things that I like, to keep me busy
Went out with friends on drives, to dine
I wrote stuff, I’d not done in long time.

Watching movies, listening to new songs
It felt I’m in the zone, where I belong.
Planning the future, calling out the moves,
Groovy sensation, of something to prove

Out there alone, following my zeal
Ignoring the wounds, with time they’ll heal.
Marching forward, I don’t care about the past,
Goals on my mind, I wanna get there fast.

I feel happy, I feel strong,
Yet I’m writing this, is something wrong?
I’ve been asking this question all along.

I wrote these lines, thinking of you
Perhaps, I wanted to show, what I can do.
You’ll always be a special memory
But I’ve set my course, and it’s without you.

And afterwards….

I hope you read between the lines,
Whilst comprehending the above rhyme.
Everything I wrote, was with you in my mind.

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