Travel Diary – Shimla


I arrived in Shimla early morning. In the midst of the traffic and the horns,  I could feel the clod breeze. The sky looked cloudy with a little shade of orange. The view of the valley from just by the road was amazing. Now, I felt that I’ve left Mumbai behind. Anyways, after inquiring with locals; I figured out that I’d find accommodation around the Mall road area. It was just few steps of climb as no vehicles were allowed there. So climbing I did, hoping to find decent hotel and some lovely views. Believe me it took my breath away; not the views, but the climb. Me being a sea level guy, it was no easy task. You need to be aware of the altitude; Shimla is about 8k ft above sea level. Even simple walking might get difficult sometimes; so give yourself little time to get acclimatized .

You’ll mostly be walking here; but once you’re used to the conditions, you’ll start to enjoy. I could immediately notice the difference in the air, it just felt so FRESHHHHH. Believe me the freshness deserves those extra ‘S‘s’.

The Market: Strolling through the local market you would find many shops selling warm clothing, accessories and handicrafts. It’s like any other typical Hill station market and quite buzzing.  The Krishna bakery is famous for the pastries and baked items. Below are some interesting pictures I managed to capture.


DSC00396-1The Carriers:  Many men carrying heavy loads on their backs can be spotted all over the market. These guys work as carriers as no vehicles are allowed in the Ridge and the market area.


The evening sky looked wonderful and so was the night.

The Lift: There iDSC00414-1s a state owned lift, which takes you up and down from Mall road to the car park area. This is what it looks like. You go up around 4 floors, then walk a bit to the other lift which takes you further to the top. All this climb for just 10 bucks.


 Local sites to visit:

Green Valley: Its a valley covered with Deodhar trees. Looks very soothing. If you stand on the edge of the road, it’s close to 180 degrees of greenness. Did you not check the cover photo of this post?

Jakhoo Temple: This temple  is an ancient temple in Shimla.  It is DSC00622situated on Jakhoo Hill, 2.5 km east from the Ridge, Shimla at a height of 8k feet above sea level. Shimla’s highest peak offers a panoramic view of the Shivalik Ranges and the town of Sanjauli. The monkeys here are real trouble makers. They’ll flick away anything that you’ve loose. You then need to bribe them with some food to get your stuff back.


Christ Church: The Church in Shimla, is the second oldest church in North India.  It is easily one of the most recognized and visited landmarks in Shimla. It stands tall like a guard at the entry of the Ridge. Christ Church continues to be very well maintained and remains in good condition. The clock, however, no longer functions.

The Oldies: Some old buildings in Shimla around scandal point. These structures are hardly noticed but have great history. You need to get close to these structures to appreciate the beauty. More you keep exploring more intriguing they get.

Around about: There are few nearby places you can visit like Solan and Fagu. Here you can see apple orchards, I didn’t get to see apples though as it wasn’t the season. You can ride horses up the muddy climb , rappling and few other adventure activities. Oh yes, you can ride or get a picture clicked on Yak’s, don’t miss that, if Shimla is your only or last destination.



Well that’s it for Shimla. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

The next: If you really want something better, then head of to Hatu, it’s around 70kms from Shimla. I’ll share pictures of Hatu in a separate post. Yes, it deserves a special mention.

 P.S – This is the first time I’ve written about my travel.  Until now it were me pictures, who’d speak. So any feedback, likes or dislikes are welcomed.


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