Look at her


   Look at her, way she is standing in the middle of the table,
don’t know the name, but sure that she is suitable,
with droplets of water falling down the body, touching each and every curve.
with the looks she drives me crazy and getting on my nerves.

   She looks cool but getting hot and more hot as the time passess by,
wonder what is inside, couldn’t help, but spy.
that’s it , i think , i have had enough.
she stands out like diamonds in the rough.

   So i hold her tight and licked her light,
nothing doing, she already gave up the fight.
so i lifted her up and gave mouth to mouth,
it was sensational without any doubt.

   It went on, till she drained and i reached high,
simply superb, couldn’t help but to give a last try.
wanted to squeeze out everything she had,
so lifted her up and gave pat on the back.

   It was fun, amazing feeling, i cant explain,
I am sure, anybody in my place would never complain.
at the end, it had left me with no fear,
At last! it is empty; my bottle of beer.

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