I deleted you……

Some feelings from a very vulnerable time in my life. I’m sure some of you can relate to it.



I deleted your number from my contacts
deleted you from Facebook, blocked you on whatsapp

Deleted all the messages from my phone,
Deleted all your emails,
I deleted everything you ever wrote to me,

I deleted every picture of you,
everything we ever clicked together is gone,
I’ve dumped all your gifts
every bits and pieces of it.

In short I deleted you……

Anything that I remember, linked to you,
I will destroy it.
Like I’ve done so far……
I keep thinking about, what to delete next,
I just want to remove all your trace.

In all this commotion, I realized something,
That every time I think what’s next to delete, I’m thinking of you

I deleted you from my contacts
but I can’t delete your number in my mind.
Blocked you from facebook,
but I can’t block your profile from my memories.

Erased everything you ever wrote to me,
But can’t forget those words you told me.
Every picture of you is gone,
But every time I close my eyes, I see you…
Paradox, I deleted you……

Building a shield around me,
So what’s ahead, I can’t see…
Yet I scribble your name on the shield,
As if, you are my only memory

Eyes have no tear, but I feel the pain
I’m trying so hard to undo.
Feels I’ve deleted myself, trying to delete you…..
Yet I say; love, I deleted you.


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