Silent Friend

Couldn’t post this on Mother’s day, I wanted to but was travelling. 


She will stand out and smile,
on my achievements
but she wont show how proud she feels,
at those moments.

she is the first one to lay out her hand,
on my failures,
she shows no emotions,
but inside she is heart broken, more than me,

She knows when i am happy, when i am sad.
She knows everything, when i wake up, when i go to bed.

When in her arms,
my world shrinks to a ball of happiness and care.
I feel no need to worry about anything,
when she is there.

She always listens to me,
and I always seek her advice,
the kindness, love, care and much more,
at no price.

World has one name for her,
I call her the same,
she is my mother,
my silent friend.


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