They call it a city that never sleeps,

Dreams at large; everything in heaps

Buzzing all the time, different people different cons,

It’s got its roses and it’s got its thorns.


City of murmuring traffic and twinkling cars

The multi-millionaires, the movie stars.

We’ve got it all;

The vada-pav and the dance bars,


Crowded local trains, almost on time,

Spirit of its passengers always sublime

City where honesty is rewarded,

But bravery is crime.


Success and failure are in twilight,

City where changes happen overnight

You might be swept if caught off sight,

Got lucky, then you be on a flight


Multi-lingual, multi-religious,

City of unusual weather,

I wouldn’t be wrong; if I say,

It’s a city where country comes together,


Every city has its ups and downs and she is no different.

She gives me an identity and makes me proud.

City where I was born and city where I want to die,

My city! My Mumbai



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