Political Poker

I wrote this poetry as a message to people, with the upcoming elections in India. 


Choose me I’m better; choose us we’re better.

Marketing; or should I call, selling the government on a platter.

They’re all over the TV, not just the news channels.

There are polls, the surveys and the countless discussion panels.

Nobody asked me, what the problems are?

Not to anybody I know, close or far.

But, they know all the problems and the solution,

They’re aware of the people’s every emotion.

Always ready to help and provide social sanitation,

For if they win only then, they’ll call out for reformation.

They’re playing all their cards, big and small;

They believe to hold the aces, to rise above all.

Let’s vote for the righteous, and not be lame.

Coz, we the people, are the joker in the game.

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